The Metford 33 Majestic Façade

Metford 33 MajesticThis is the house we are building with Rawson Homes. It’s a Metford 33 (although we’ve modified ours quite heavily), with a ‘Majestic’ façade. We think it’s called that because of its royal price tag. It ain’t called a money pit for nothing!

As you can see from my posts on our external colours selections, our house will look quite different, with it’s almost black colourbond roof, white gutters and fascia, dark bricks/no rendering, charcoal garage and dark grey window frames, and neon front door! We’ll also have a tiled porch, translucent glass on our front door and white plantation shutters in the windows. But we do like the structural bones of this place and the layout will really suit our lifestyle.