All trussed up

I’m a little behind! We have trusses, which went up last week and we popped past the block on the weekend. Then I’ve had an unbelievably busy week, including interstate travel for work. Phew.

In the photos below you can see:

  • Garage (left), study and left side of porch (scaffolding is for the roofing contractors)
  • Right side of porch (with study behind), entrance and bedroom 1
  • View through the back fence: bedroom five (left), al fresco, rumpus room (right)

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Roof was due to go on this week. Pictures to come when I finally get to visit the block 🙂


We’ve been framed!

Yes, the yucks keep on coming 😉

I drove past the block on the way home from work tonight. I’m very exciting to report that the carpenters have been going great guns on the block and we now not only have a frame, but the windows are in, most of our roof trusses are up and we can see the wooden beam framing the front porch. The house is really starting to take shape. Hooray!