Silver linings

Well, the house build is powering along. We swung by the block today to find the plasterer hard at work. He was happy for us to have a squiz at progress. How awesome is it to see the inside starting to take shape? All the wiring, plumbing, insulation is in and now we are getting a real feel for the size of the house. It’s going to be a wonderful house to live in. Can’t wait! Guess I’ll have to though. We are looking at handover some time around the end of September. Bang on target. Let’s hope the build continues to progress as smoothly as it has done for the past three months.
image_9_edited The front of the house is looking very house-like!

image_8_edited The hallway from the front door looking out to the al fresco area at the back

image1_edited Master bedroom

image_1_edited Master bedroom en suite

image_2_editedThe study

image_4_edited Looking from the garage into the small hallway, with my sewing room/spare bedroom on the left

image_5_edited Family room looking into the kids’ rumpus room

image_6_edited The kitchen!

image_7_edited The al fresco area looking into the dining room (with a niche for our buffet/sideboard)

image_3_edited Aaaand, the garage!

So happy 🙂

Brickwork complete and electrical consult done

14Jun16_2_editedThe bricks are done, steel beams are in and the aircon venting has been fitted (although the air intake return is smack bang in the middle of our hallway ceiling and will need to be moved so it’s not an eyesore – our SS has that on his list of things to fix), so there has been some good progress over the past two weeks. We can also see the plumbers have been in fitting black piping and tap points throughout the house. We just need the concreters to come back and rectify two small issues with the slab (they forgot to recess our stacking/sliding doors out to the al fresco and they put the aircon slab under a full height window – both are deviations from the plan so the concreter must rectify at no cost) and we can mark off this stage of the house as complete.

Despite both my other half and I ‘dying’ of the lurgy, we had our consult with the electrician today and what a pleasure he was to deal with. Very professional, had some great suggestions for us about switch placement and options for lighting set ups we hadn’t considered. He’ll also install our pendants if we can provide them to him at fit-out stage so we’ve been ordering light fittings like a couple of crazy kids over the past few weeks. We have no light fittings in our current place (yup, still bare globes after 16 years) so we want to have beautiful lights in the new one. Our porch feature light and main hall lights arrived today and our bedroom light should arrive sometime this week too. We have ordered some gorgeous hand blown glass pendant lights for the kitchen; they should arrive in the next five weeks. Super exciting and we can’t wait to see it all come together over the next couple of months.


It was nice to see the brickwork around the front pillars too. They may end up being rendered if we decide the front of the house is a bit dark and we need to introduce some additional contrast. But we won’t know that until the house is finished. There are some things that CAN wait until the build is done 🙂

Bricks and mortar

So pleased to see the brickwork get underway this week! Love the colour! The bricks are PGH Espresso and they’re just what we wanted. They work nicely with the Ironstone Colourbond roof and Surfmist guttering and fascia.

I am so happy the bricklayers started at the front – really helps us to visualise how the completed house will look. The garage door will be dark too – in Ironstone – but once the mortar dries off, the off-white should complement the guttering/fascia nicely and provide a good contrast to the dark bricks and roller door. If the front of the house ends up looking too dark, we’ll use a light render over some of the brickwork to add more contrast.

Photos from today – they’re a little on the dark side as I got there just as the sun was setting.





It’s beginning to look a lot like a house!

More progress! Bricks were delivered and the roofing scaffold is down. It’s really starting to look like a house now! I haven’t had a chance to drive by this week, but my other half has and he said the wall wrap/sarking is going on and the bricks have been moved around the site, with strategic piles ready for bricklaying. We are hopeful the brickies will start this week, but it all depends on whether they get the house they’re working on this week finished!

Roof scaffold down1_edited

The bricks were delivered late last week

Roof scaffold down2_edited

Looking good now the roofing scaffold is down

Bricks delivered_edited

PGH Espresso bricks

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fi…nally!

Just in time for 24 hours of soaking rain, the roofers got most of the Colourbond on during the week. Hopefully they’ll be able to finish the ridging and the finish the roof this week (if the rain stops). Our Site Supervisor says the bricks should be delivered this week, with bricklaying hopefully to start the following week. There are only so many brickies to go around in Canberra, and we are building right in the middle of a residential construction boon, so we will have to remain pretty relaxed about the whole thing.

Here are some pics from Friday morning.

Front of the house. Roof colour is Ironstone

Front of the house. Roof colour is Ironstone

Down the left side facing the street. From L-R: family room, laundry, pantry, courtyard, garage

Down the left side facing the street. From L-R: family room, laundry, pantry, courtyard, garage

Left side of house. L-R: rumpus, family roomLeft side of house. L-R: rumpus, family room

From front entrance looking down hallway to al fresco area

From front entrance looking down hallway to al fresco area

Master bedroom!

Master bedroom!

Ensuite to master bedroom. Our bath will go under that window

Ensuite to master bedroom. Our bath will go under that window

Kitchen from dining

Kitchen from dining

Rear left of the house. Kids' rumpus

Rear left of the house. Kids’ rumpus

Rear of the house. L-R: guest bed, al fresco area, rumpus

Rear of the house. L-R: guest bed, al fresco area, rumpus

Front of house. You can see the merbau posts and framing around the porch

Front of house. You can see the merbau posts and framing around the porch

It’s coming along nicely and we are really pleased with everything so far. We should be at lock-up sometime in June, so we are on schedule so far. Let’s hope it continues this way  😉


All trussed up

I’m a little behind! We have trusses, which went up last week and we popped past the block on the weekend. Then I’ve had an unbelievably busy week, including interstate travel for work. Phew.

In the photos below you can see:

  • Garage (left), study and left side of porch (scaffolding is for the roofing contractors)
  • Right side of porch (with study behind), entrance and bedroom 1
  • View through the back fence: bedroom five (left), al fresco, rumpus room (right)

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Roof was due to go on this week. Pictures to come when I finally get to visit the block 🙂

We’ve been framed!

Yes, the yucks keep on coming 😉

I drove past the block on the way home from work tonight. I’m very exciting to report that the carpenters have been going great guns on the block and we now not only have a frame, but the windows are in, most of our roof trusses are up and we can see the wooden beam framing the front porch. The house is really starting to take shape. Hooray!