Brickwork complete and electrical consult done

14Jun16_2_editedThe bricks are done, steel beams are in and the aircon venting has been fitted (although the air intake return is smack bang in the middle of our hallway ceiling and will need to be moved so it’s not an eyesore – our SS has that on his list of things to fix), so there has been some good progress over the past two weeks. We can also see the plumbers have been in fitting black piping and tap points throughout the house. We just need the concreters to come back and rectify two small issues with the slab (they forgot to recess our stacking/sliding doors out to the al fresco and they put the aircon slab under a full height window – both are deviations from the plan so the concreter must rectify at no cost) and we can mark off this stage of the house as complete.

Despite both my other half and I ‘dying’ of the lurgy, we had our consult with the electrician today and what a pleasure he was to deal with. Very professional, had some great suggestions for us about switch placement and options for lighting set ups we hadn’t considered. He’ll also install our pendants if we can provide them to him at fit-out stage so we’ve been ordering light fittings like a couple of crazy kids over the past few weeks. We have no light fittings in our current place (yup, still bare globes after 16 years) so we want to have beautiful lights in the new one. Our porch feature light and main hall lights arrived today and our bedroom light should arrive sometime this week too. We have ordered some gorgeous hand blown glass pendant lights for the kitchen; they should arrive in the next five weeks. Super exciting and we can’t wait to see it all come together over the next couple of months.


It was nice to see the brickwork around the front pillars too. They may end up being rendered if we decide the front of the house is a bit dark and we need to introduce some additional contrast. But we won’t know that until the house is finished. There are some things that CAN wait until the build is done 🙂


Colour selections finalised – exterior


Well, we have finalised our colour selections! I’ve put together the above picture based on our selections, but it’s not the Metford (and our garage will be on the other side of the house). Also, we are having a Colourbond steel roof, not tiles, but the colour tool wouldn’t give me that option. You can find the ColourTouch tool on the PGH Bricks website.

Here are our external selections:

  • Bricks. As forecast, we went with the PGH Espresso bricks (a $3k upgrade). We will have off-white, raked mortar.
  • Roof. Colourbond steel in Monument
  • Gutter and Fascia. Surfmist
  • Windows and Flyscreens. Woodland Grey
  • Garage door. Nullabor/woodgrain texture in Ironstone
  • Driveway. 5% Synergy Black
  • Front Door. Taubman’s Electricity (see below!)
  • Timber Posts. Sikkens Ebony
  • Door Frame and Eaves/Al Fresco. Taubman’s Crisp White

Taubmans Electricity

Can’t wait to have our front door this colour. We think it will really pop against the high contrast charcoal/white colours.

Update on colours


No new piccies, so here, have some palm trees and sunny skies (the opposite of Canberra right now)

Well, nothing’s set in concrete till the contract’s signed, right?

Another visit to Don’s Tiles/Accent Carpets on Saturday saw us firm up our decision on bamboo flooring. We have decided on Godfrey Hirst Zen Brushed Onyx, which is a very dark, engineered bamboo, pending confirmation of the price (we have a fall-back tile selection should the bamboo prove to be outside our budget). They have a really good range of bathroom tiles too, so we’ve decided on the tiles for our ensuite, main bathroom and Granddad’s ensuite.

We spent a bit of time driving around on the weekend in the new Googong estate just over the border in NSW to check out the new house builds – PGH Espresso sure is a popular choice. While we were out looking, we decided the APO Grey window frames just didn’t give the look we are going for, especially as we will have white shutters on the inside. We are all about high contrast it would seem! We also thought the surfmist garage door might be a bit bright, so have gone the opposite way and decided on dark grey/charcoal.

We’ve therefore made a couple of changes to our external colour selections (new choices are in blue):

  • Roof – Colorbond Ironstone
  • Fascia and guttering – Colorbond Surfmist
  • Cedar posts and cladding – we have decided: Sikkens Ebony
  • Eaves and porch ceiling – Taubmans Silver Blaze
  • Downpipes – Colourbond Ironstone
  • Window frames – Colourbond Ironstone
  • Garage door – Colourbond Ironstone
  • Front door – Taubmans Electricity (you simply must see this colour!)
  • Front door frame – Taubmans Crisp White
  • Driveway – charcoal or bluestone (we’re happy to be guided by Rawson’s colours expert here)

We also popped in to the two Rawson display homes to re-check out their kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, as they will be our next set of decisions.

After that comes electrical – we’re well ahead on making decisions there too. Can you tell we’ve done a lot of research and are very prepared? It’s important to us to get the build going as quickly as possible so we don’t want Rawson to be waiting on us. Hence the hours I spend on Pinterest and the Homeone forum 🙂