Brickwork complete and electrical consult done

14Jun16_2_editedThe bricks are done, steel beams are in and the aircon venting has been fitted (although the air intake return is smack bang in the middle of our hallway ceiling and will need to be moved so it’s not an eyesore – our SS has that on his list of things to fix), so there has been some good progress over the past two weeks. We can also see the plumbers have been in fitting black piping and tap points throughout the house. We just need the concreters to come back and rectify two small issues with the slab (they forgot to recess our stacking/sliding doors out to the al fresco and they put the aircon slab under a full height window – both are deviations from the plan so the concreter must rectify at no cost) and we can mark off this stage of the house as complete.

Despite both my other half and I ‘dying’ of the lurgy, we had our consult with the electrician today and what a pleasure he was to deal with. Very professional, had some great suggestions for us about switch placement and options for lighting set ups we hadn’t considered. He’ll also install our pendants if we can provide them to him at fit-out stage so we’ve been ordering light fittings like a couple of crazy kids over the past few weeks. We have no light fittings in our current place (yup, still bare globes after 16 years) so we want to have beautiful lights in the new one. Our porch feature light and main hall lights arrived today and our bedroom light should arrive sometime this week too. We have ordered some gorgeous hand blown glass pendant lights for the kitchen; they should arrive in the next five weeks. Super exciting and we can’t wait to see it all come together over the next couple of months.


It was nice to see the brickwork around the front pillars too. They may end up being rendered if we decide the front of the house is a bit dark and we need to introduce some additional contrast. But we won’t know that until the house is finished. There are some things that CAN wait until the build is done 🙂


Bricks and mortar

So pleased to see the brickwork get underway this week! Love the colour! The bricks are PGH Espresso and they’re just what we wanted. They work nicely with the Ironstone Colourbond roof and Surfmist guttering and fascia.

I am so happy the bricklayers started at the front – really helps us to visualise how the completed house will look. The garage door will be dark too – in Ironstone – but once the mortar dries off, the off-white should complement the guttering/fascia nicely and provide a good contrast to the dark bricks and roller door. If the front of the house ends up looking too dark, we’ll use a light render over some of the brickwork to add more contrast.

Photos from today – they’re a little on the dark side as I got there just as the sun was setting.





It’s beginning to look a lot like a house!

More progress! Bricks were delivered and the roofing scaffold is down. It’s really starting to look like a house now! I haven’t had a chance to drive by this week, but my other half has and he said the wall wrap/sarking is going on and the bricks have been moved around the site, with strategic piles ready for bricklaying. We are hopeful the brickies will start this week, but it all depends on whether they get the house they’re working on this week finished!

Roof scaffold down1_edited

The bricks were delivered late last week

Roof scaffold down2_edited

Looking good now the roofing scaffold is down

Bricks delivered_edited

PGH Espresso bricks

Exterior colours just about decided

PGH Espresso house

PGH Espresso brick – note, this is not the Metford 33. Who builds houses without eaves in this climate?

Well, we have made the big decision: PGH Espresso bricks it is! That means we can just about lock in our exterior colour selections:

  • Roof – Colorbond Ironstone
  • Fascia and guttering – Colorbond Surfmist
  • Cedar posts and cladding – hmmm, haven’t decided between cedar and Sikkens ebony…comments welcome!
  • Eaves and porch ceiling – Taubmans Silver Blaze
  • Downpipes – Colourbond Ironstone
  • Window frames – APO Grey
  • Garage door – Colourbond Surfmist
  • Front door – Taubmans Electricity (you simply must see this colour!)
  • Front door frame – Taubmans Aspen Snow
  • Driveway – charcoal or bluestone (we’re happy to be guided by Rawson’s colours expert here)

We’ve decided against render for now – it was going to cost approx. $8k for a relatively small amount of render on the front of the house, so we’ll do that after handover if we still want to. We are off to Rawson tomorrow morning to make what we hope will be the final changes to the application plans. Once we are happy that all the changes have been made, we’ll finalise the external selections and the plans can be submitted for approval. Urban Treescapes contacted me yesterday – we had applied to remove two registered trees and build within the canopy of a third registered tree. They have approved the removal of the first two trees and advised that we must remove the third tree, as it has started to rot from the inside out! Good thing we had that tree checked or it could have eventuated in a nasty shock down the track. So, it’s just about all systems go – we just need the bank to come to the party with our construction loan and we will be ready to demolish the old place and get started! Very exciting 🙂

Anyone fancy an espresso?

Well, we are one step away from selecting our bricks! Mr Boral Man, as forecast, was as helpful as the Amber Tiles uninformed dude. No list of homes built from Boral bricks, so no soup for you!

We are, therefore, very close to settling on PGH bricks. The two now in contention are Blue Steel Flash (which sound awesome) and Espresso (which sound brown, but are not). Husband is leaning towards Espresso (he does love a coffee) so we are heading out on another drive with the kiddipops tomorrow to check out a few more houses built from PGH Espresso. And then hopefully we’ll have a winner! Here’s a house made from Espresso bricks:

PGH Espresso

PGH Espresso

Before that the kids and I will pop down to the old house on the new block and paint a few more colours on the interior walls so we can see what the colours look like in the actual light. We think we’ve found our main interior colour (half-strength Taubman’s Silver Charm), so that’s pretty exciting. It should go nicely with the very dark brown bamboo floors we’re hoping to have through the main part of the house. Honestly, it’s like putting a jigsaw puzzle together without a picture 🙂

The other thing we are doing is going through the first set of plans against the concept drawings and our tender documents – the draftsperson missed a few things, so we need to make sure they’re added in now. Once we’ve done that, chosen our external colours/selections, then the next step will be electrical and internal selections. Oh, and the next set of plans!

More on bricks (not moron bricks)

Well, a migraine stopped us from getting out and about to look at more bricks today. I’ve been doing a little bit of web research instead (to try to slim down the options we’d like to pursue) and I’m drifting back to liking Austral’s ‘Chiffon’ brick from the Urban One range.

Austral Chiffon

Austral Chiffon

While the PGH Blue Steel Flash is my fave, Chiffon is only $1k extra (not $4k like the Blue Steel Flash). Will have to call Austral next week and get some addresses for houses in the area that have been built in Chiffon.

My husband and I both love the Deep Ocean colour in the Colobond range and I think the Chiffon brick would go well with a Deep Ocean roof. We would have our fascia and possibly also the garage door in Surfmist to ensure we get enough contrast and make sure the front of the house doesn’t look too dark. We are looking at a very bright citron/chartreuse front door, which would also complement the Chiffon. Exciting times 🙂

Hopefully my migraine buggers off for tomorrow – I want to get down to the old house and paint some swatches up on the walls from the sample pots I picked up last weekend.

The Garage Door

My husband and I love Colorbond Deep Ocean and would like to find a colour scheme that sets off an Ocean Blue roof and also garage door. We are having trouble find the right brick within our price range. This picture reminds me why the blue of the colourbond complements red/blue bricks so perfectly 🙂


The old timber doors ceased their function a long time ago. The rolling mechanism was impervious to suggestion it move.

The decision: replace with an automatic roller door. I sourced one from a very nice man in Moolap. Colour is always the fun part – we chose Colorbond Deep Ocean.


The blue complements the deep blue of the bricks.

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