We are in

We moved in on 21 December and are delighted to finally be living in our new home. 

Rawson did a great job rectifying most issues discussed at our practical completion inspection and we have only found about 4 issues to put on the list for post-handover rectification. 

The biggest issue so far has nothing to do with Rawson and everything to do with unreliable electrical appliances. The Samsung fridge was broken and had to be taken away and replaced, one of two ceiling fans doesn’t work and the heater panels installed in our al fresco area broke/stopped working the first time they were turned on 😤

Also Telstra has been ineffective and inefficient connecting up our phone line/ADSL. Far too many phone calls required to a company whose sole job it is to provide telephone services. We are promised the line will be activated today but nothing so far. 

Crappy outcomes and ones we’ll be chasing into the New Year, as nothing will be resolved over Christmas 🎄 

But these are minor inconveniences in the grand scheme of things. 

We are delighted with our light fixtures and our new furniture. Everything looks wonderful and we are looking forward to hosting 10 people for Christmas lunch tomorrow. Just about 20 boxes to unpack before then!

Happy days!


We haz fridge


We didn’t plan on buying appliances just yet, but when you see the exact same fridge you want to buy on sale and it’s the last one, you simply must buy it!

Fortunately for us, the good folk at JB HiFi Home are able to store it for us for the next few months. We haven’t had a new fridge in more than 15 years, so it’s pretty exciting (we don’t get out much) for us to get one with all the bells and whistles. And with Canberra summers getting longer, we’ll certainly appreciate the ice maker and sparking water in-door features!