Four months in

Well, it’s four months since we moved in and we love living in our new house.

It’s a great space, so much easier to live in as a family than our old townhouse and we all have enough space for time out if we need it. We live in a great street and our neighbours are lovely 😊

Only downsides are the poor quality of the paint job – the longer we live here and look around us, the worse it gets – the length of time it’s taken Rawson to come back to us about our rectification list, which we submitted two months ago (husband followed them up again this week and apparently we’ll see some action soon), our fence is not yet installed due to delays in getting the overseas owner of next door’s rental to agree to clear the jungle and broken down fencing (our other next-door neighbour is wonderful and so easy to get on with), and our wardrobes are not yet fitted out due to having to source numerous quotes – the first one was insanely cost prohibitive!). Let’s not mention the landscaping – we can’t do that until we’ve sold the townhouse, which has been surprisingly difficult. Oh well, all in good time.

People ask I’d we’d build again. The answer is yes, but we will consider going through an architect and builder next time, as we would get better quality finishes for around the same price as what we ended up paying with Rawson. Our other idea is that we would get Archiblox to design, build and install one of their brilliant prefab houses, which would also be around the same price point as Rawson. But that’s all at least 10 years down the track. In the meantime, there’s the fencing, wardrobes, landscaping…😁

We are in

We moved in on 21 December and are delighted to finally be living in our new home. 

Rawson did a great job rectifying most issues discussed at our practical completion inspection and we have only found about 4 issues to put on the list for post-handover rectification. 

The biggest issue so far has nothing to do with Rawson and everything to do with unreliable electrical appliances. The Samsung fridge was broken and had to be taken away and replaced, one of two ceiling fans doesn’t work and the heater panels installed in our al fresco area broke/stopped working the first time they were turned on 😤

Also Telstra has been ineffective and inefficient connecting up our phone line/ADSL. Far too many phone calls required to a company whose sole job it is to provide telephone services. We are promised the line will be activated today but nothing so far. 

Crappy outcomes and ones we’ll be chasing into the New Year, as nothing will be resolved over Christmas 🎄 

But these are minor inconveniences in the grand scheme of things. 

We are delighted with our light fixtures and our new furniture. Everything looks wonderful and we are looking forward to hosting 10 people for Christmas lunch tomorrow. Just about 20 boxes to unpack before then!

Happy days!

Nearly there

Our practical completion inspection went well. Most of the pick-ups were rework for the painters, which is underway as I type.

The Certificate of Occupancy was issued this week and the bank’s evaluator will make his inspection tomorrow. This should trigger final payment to Rawson from the bank.

This means we should get the keys on Friday 16 or Monday 19 December. Our removal is booked for 20 Dec, with delivery on 21 Dec. Looks like we’ll just make it in time for Christmas 😊

Inching towards a finish

We are now in full tortoise/hare territory with Christmas being the hare. We are hopeful Rawson will pull the rabbit out of the proverbial so we can move in before Christmas. We’ve booked our removal and told Rawson we’re moving in on 15 Dec, so they’d better get a wriggle on!

So little has happened on the build since October it’s been quite demoralising. We were such fans of Rawson but the failure to finish has left me feeling like many others waiting, waiting, waiting. Of course, we are fortunate: we will soon be in our house and are counting our lucky stars we did not go with Today’s Homes, which went into receivership last week.

So, the cladding is finally finished and looks great. The deck is nearly there too. So close! We think we’re doing the practical completion inspection (PCI) this week but don’t have the date/time yet.

Our shutters have also been installed – haven’t seen them from the inside yet as we are still locked out.

Here are some photos.

Le sigh


Sadly we’ve dwindled to a trickle with the build. A couple of tiny things have happened since my last post. One of the main issues has been rain – we’ve had a lot and need some concrete to be laid. However, the inside, which is not affected by rain hasn’t had much progress since my last post.

My husband popped by yesterday not expecting to see anyone there on the Sunday in the middle of a long weekend but there was a concreter there patching the slab in preparation for our flooring, which is apparently being installed this week. Now that will be some progress  🙂

We won’t be handing over in October (as per my gut instinct of the last post), but it should happen in November. It had better be in November! Hopefully our SS will be back from leave this week (which we didn’t even know he was on till we tried to call him) and can give us an update.

In the meantime, I leave you with a photo of our kitchen-in-progress – we happened to be there about a week ago when the lovely caesarstone benchtop was uncovered. We are loving the kitchen and look forward to seeing it when the splashback and appliances are in place. It should make a beautiful heart to our home.

The tortoise and the hare

Well, we’re shuffling our way to the finish line and it’s hard to know whether it’s going to be the tortoise or the hare. Will handover happen before or after I have to go away for three weeks in mid-October? It’s anyone’s guess right now. I am finding it hard to believe we could be done in the next five weeks, but the logistics of this build have been so mind boggling to date that I guess anything’s possible.

Progress this week:
– electrical fit out underway
– plumbing fit out underway
– tiling nearly complete