Four months in

Well, it’s four months since we moved in and we love living in our new house.

It’s a great space, so much easier to live in as a family than our old townhouse and we all have enough space for time out if we need it. We live in a great street and our neighbours are lovely 😊

Only downsides are the poor quality of the paint job – the longer we live here and look around us, the worse it gets – the length of time it’s taken Rawson to come back to us about our rectification list, which we submitted two months ago (husband followed them up again this week and apparently we’ll see some action soon), our fence is not yet installed due to delays in getting the overseas owner of next door’s rental to agree to clear the jungle and broken down fencing (our other next-door neighbour is wonderful and so easy to get on with), and our wardrobes are not yet fitted out due to having to source numerous quotes – the first one was insanely cost prohibitive!). Let’s not mention the landscaping – we can’t do that until we’ve sold the townhouse, which has been surprisingly difficult. Oh well, all in good time.

People ask I’d we’d build again. The answer is yes, but we will consider going through an architect and builder next time, as we would get better quality finishes for around the same price as what we ended up paying with Rawson. Our other idea is that we would get Archiblox to design, build and install one of their brilliant prefab houses, which would also be around the same price point as Rawson. But that’s all at least 10 years down the track. In the meantime, there’s the fencing, wardrobes, landscaping…😁