PCI booked!

Our Practical Completion Inspection is finally booked for 6 Dec, with handover scheduled for 13 Dec!

Looking forward to opening this door when we finally receive the keys and make our new house our happy home 😊


Inching towards a finish

We are now in full tortoise/hare territory with Christmas being the hare. We are hopeful Rawson will pull the rabbit out of the proverbial so we can move in before Christmas. We’ve booked our removal and told Rawson we’re moving in on 15 Dec, so they’d better get a wriggle on!

So little has happened on the build since October it’s been quite demoralising. We were such fans of Rawson but the failure to finish has left me feeling like many others waiting, waiting, waiting. Of course, we are fortunate: we will soon be in our house and are counting our lucky stars we did not go with Today’s Homes, which went into receivership last week.

So, the cladding is finally finished and looks great. The deck is nearly there too. So close! We think we’re doing the practical completion inspection (PCI) this week but don’t have the date/time yet.

Our shutters have also been installed – haven’t seen them from the inside yet as we are still locked out.

Here are some photos.