The tortoise and the hare

Well, we’re shuffling our way to the finish line and it’s hard to know whether it’s going to be the tortoise or the hare. Will handover happen before or after I have to go away for three weeks in mid-October? It’s anyone’s guess right now. I am finding it hard to believe we could be done in the next five weeks, but the logistics of this build have been so mind boggling to date that I guess anything’s possible.

Progress this week:
– electrical fit out underway
– plumbing fit out underway
– tiling nearly complete

2 thoughts on “The tortoise and the hare

  1. Hi,
    Your home looks amazing. So excited for you.

    We’re building with Rawson too. The slab hasn’t been laid yet so I’m following your timeline to see when to expect completion. Were you given a completion date? I’ve asked by they said within the contract time. The contract states 30 weeks but just wondering whether to allow longer because we’re building over xmas/new year.

    Thank You


    • Hi there. It works out roughly as 6 months, but ours is going longer, sadly. Things were really pumping, but over the past three weeks it’s pretty much ground to a halt. You need to know that almost all trades take Christmas to Australia Day off. There will unlikely be much happening over that time. We have no completion date yet but it shouldn’t be too far away.


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