Pegs is good?

This week’s update brings you some pegs. Pegs is good, right?

Pegs is goodNot really. We think they are pegs from the demolition guys, who have marked out the location of services (water and electricity). They are definitely not slab marking pegs. Sob.

Well, no surprises to hear that our build is proceeding at the same glacial pace as our pre-construction. Good thing we are remaining Zen and treating each new development as a pleasure. There are three short weeks in a row between now and after Easter, so things will likely remain hit and miss for a while. But if we are not well underway on the other side of Easter, we’ll need to start asking Rawson what is going on, as their communication has been less than impressive up till now. When you’re listed as a ‘February start’ and it’s half-way through March, you’re entitled to query progress. Am I right?