We have a beginning

We are officially in construction!



The demolition team arrived this afternoon and made very short work of demolishing the old house on our new block.



It’s all very exciting 🙂




We have a portaloo!

Well, I’ve just experienced that very strange joy shared by most home builders: the arrival on site of a portaloo! And fencing!

portalooWe also had first contact from our site supervisor, who expects the demolition and site clearance to happen in the next week or so. Hooray!



Wreck it, Ralph!

1280px-Wrecking_ballMore arcane processes between bank and builder means we didn’t quite get underway this week, but the demolition has been ordered and so have the site fences.

We’re off to the house today to collect a few things we need to keep, like the rubbish bins, and to have one last look at the ‘before’.

We can’t wait for this project to be underway. It’s been more than 12 months in the planning stage, so we are more than ready to go. Still hopeful for a June handover, but given how long the pre-build stage has taken, we are not holding our breath or making any definite plans!