Hurricane Metford tears through block!

photo 1 “It just came from nowhere”

“There were trees there one minute, none the next”

“Holy cow, that fence really was only held up by the vegetation!”

photo 2Yes, dear readers, it’s true, Hurricane Metford has been through our block, wreaking havoc and destruction. We received permission from the ACT Government to remove three large trees from our property and one large tree from our verge. Engaging an arborist, we decided to remove all of the shrubs and small trees from the property too, in preparation for demolition of the old house and for building works to get underway before Christmas.

photo 3Well, the arborists didn’t muck around! In one day they have taken down the four large trees, all of the small the trees and most of the shrubs. They’ll be back to take out all the stumps next. We visited the block yesterday and couldn’t believe the difference!

It really does look like a cyclone/hurricane/tornado has been through. The yard looks much bigger, which is good, because the house will take up a good part of the land. The hold house looks very sad and dejected now that it’s not obscured by vegetation. Looking forward to that coming down too. One of our shared fences is barely erect. It was held up by the shrubs on our side. I dropped letters in the mailboxes of our neighbours a week ago to warn them that works were starting soon. I also warned out the owner of the investment property next to us that we would need to talk fencing soon. Good thing I did!

The build is still a little way off: we haven’t finalised the kitchen drawings yet. The kitchen company, Elba, is struggling to keep up with demand and we are awaiting revised drawings before we can finalise all variations and get the contract approved by the bank. Slowly, slowly, slowly. Sadly, the delays mean we have missed the slot for a November start, so it looks like we’ll be a December start. This means it’s touch and go whether we’ll have a slab down before Christmas.

We will really appreciate this house when it’s built!


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