Exterior colours just about decided

PGH Espresso house

PGH Espresso brick – note, this is not the Metford 33. Who builds houses without eaves in this climate?

Well, we have made the big decision: PGH Espresso bricks it is! That means we can just about lock in our exterior colour selections:

  • Roof – Colorbond Ironstone
  • Fascia and guttering – Colorbond Surfmist
  • Cedar posts and cladding – hmmm, haven’t decided between cedar and Sikkens ebony…comments welcome!
  • Eaves and porch ceiling – Taubmans Silver Blaze
  • Downpipes – Colourbond Ironstone
  • Window frames – APO Grey
  • Garage door – Colourbond Surfmist
  • Front door – Taubmans Electricity (you simply must see this colour!)
  • Front door frame – Taubmans Aspen Snow
  • Driveway – charcoal or bluestone (we’re happy to be guided by Rawson’s colours expert here)

We’ve decided against render for now – it was going to cost approx. $8k for a relatively small amount of render on the front of the house, so we’ll do that after handover if we still want to. We are off to Rawson tomorrow morning to make what we hope will be the final changes to the application plans. Once we are happy that all the changes have been made, we’ll finalise the external selections and the plans can be submitted for approval. Urban Treescapes contacted me yesterday – we had applied to remove two registered trees and build within the canopy of a third registered tree. They have approved the removal of the first two trees and advised that we must remove the third tree, as it has started to rot from the inside out! Good thing we had that tree checked or it could have eventuated in a nasty shock down the track. So, it’s just about all systems go – we just need the bank to come to the party with our construction loan and we will be ready to demolish the old place and get started! Very exciting 🙂


2 thoughts on “Exterior colours just about decided

  1. We finalised our external colours many months ago 17/4/15.
    It also seems we have very similar colour choices; I like your taste 😉
    Rosewood PGH Bricks.
    Barramundi Monier tiles
    Surfmist fascia, Stria cladding, and garage door.
    Monument downpipes and rainwater tank.
    Sikkens Ebony front door, timber windows and internal staircase

    We also just signed and received our stamped certified plans earlier this week, but we are currently waiting for the estimating team to finalise the file before releasing to the Site Supervisor. Its quite a lengthy admin process at Rawson, so just make sure you follow up each selection appointment and keep them on track. I’m rather deflated that Rawson do this serial processing and wont proceed with estimating parts of the build and tasking the team to work ahead of the finer details.
    Looks like i will wait another 3 weeks to get the site pegged out ready for the Slab. grrr


    • Ah, yes, the seemingly interminable wait in the pre-construction phase. Once you’ve made your decisions you just want to see the pegging out! Hope it all happens for you very soon 🙂


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