More on bricks (not moron bricks)

Well, a migraine stopped us from getting out and about to look at more bricks today. I’ve been doing a little bit of web research instead (to try to slim down the options we’d like to pursue) and I’m drifting back to liking Austral’s ‘Chiffon’ brick from the Urban One range.

Austral Chiffon

Austral Chiffon

While the PGH Blue Steel Flash is my fave, Chiffon is only $1k extra (not $4k like the Blue Steel Flash). Will have to call Austral next week and get some addresses for houses in the area that have been built in Chiffon.

My husband and I both love the Deep Ocean colour in the Colobond range and I think the Chiffon brick would go well with a Deep Ocean roof. We would have our fascia and possibly also the garage door in Surfmist to ensure we get enough contrast and make sure the front of the house doesn’t look too dark. We are looking at a very bright citron/chartreuse front door, which would also complement the Chiffon. Exciting times 🙂

Hopefully my migraine buggers off for tomorrow – I want to get down to the old house and paint some swatches up on the walls from the sample pots I picked up last weekend.


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