Building a mightily modified Metford 33 with Rawson

We are very happy to building a new home with Rawson Homes. After much deliberating over builders, we settled on Rawson after visiting their display homes in Canberra and in Sydney (yes, we packed the kids into the car and made a long daytrip up to the outer western suburbs of Sydney – a new house is a big investment!).

We were having trouble deciding on a floorplan so we went and met with one of the sales reps from Rawson (shout out to the indefatigable Rad) who explained to us that we could make whatever changes to the floorplan we liked, just as long as it was within our budget: “If you can afford it, we can build it”.

Well, after many months of looking at blocks of land on Canberra’s south side, we were fortunate to be able to purchase a large block that Rad had described as perfect for the Metford 33, which is the house we decided was our absolute preference over all the other designs.

To make doubly sure it was the right house for us, we packed the kids into the car once more and headed off to Dubbo for a weekend at the end of 2014 to look through the Metford 33 on display (it’s since been sold, lock, stock and barrel – the new owners must have liked the décor and furniture as much as we did). We spent about three hours over two days in the house and decided it was just about perfect for us.

We then set to work with Rad to amend the floorplan – I’ll post about this separately – to accommodate our elderly parent who is coming to live with us. Rawson has an ‘extended living’ range, but mostly in their two-storey designs. We’ve created a new self-contained part of the house for Granddad. We hope he enjoys living with us as much as we’ll enjoy having him as part of the family – he lives in another state and we only get to see him two or three times a year. With the kids growing up so fast and Granddad not getting any younger, we have added impetus to get the build moving.

We signed our tender with Rawson last Thursday, paid our $5000 tender fee and we are now up to exterior colour selections and awaiting the first set of plans. It’s all systems go!